Silicon steel, laminations, or CRGO represent the majority of the weight within a transformer.  While many recyclers successfully recover the copper and/or aluminum coils, many are missing out on a significant amount of revenue by not segregating the CRGO from scrap steel (tin).  CRGO pricing can range from $0.15 – $0.50 USD per pound depending on location! Do we have your interest now?

There are a variety of grades of CRGO and while it may seem counter intuitive, the thinner the better!  We’re talking quarter millimetres here so please make sure you have the best micrometer money can buy as this could make a huge difference in price.  Along with thickness, it is important to know the dimensions of the sheets and whether there are any holes or notches as seen below.

Similar to ISRI terms such as Berry & Candy, CRGO has a name for each gauge range as follows:

M3 (0.23 – 0.26 mm)

M4 (0.27 – 0.29 mm)

M5 (0.30 – 0.34 mm)

M6 (0.35 – 0.40 mm)

Why is CRGO so valuable?

This material is going to be re-used to make new transformers so that’s why it’s important to know the sizing and whether there are holes and/or notches.  It’s also important to handle with care by not damaging the sheets and avoiding any contact with moisture. Please handle with care by placing on pallets or in crates as seen in the photo below. 

We buy cores/coils, and CRGO from a variety of suppliers across North America so we know our pricing is sharp.  With our markets, we’ll make you more competitive with your bids now that you’re capturing the CRGO revenue!

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