Why Detroit?
If there’s one city in the world that speaks scrap metal, it’s Detroit! Back in the early 1980’s Lonny Rudover opened a warehouse on 411 S. Fort Street that specialized in Non-Ferrous metals. It wasn’t long until his sons Eric & Brad would be put to work sorting brass & copper. The tangible nature of working with metal inspired Brad to pursue a career in the recycling industry.

Brad W. Rudover
As a student of the scrap business, Brad wanted to learn about every grade of metal from Aluminum to Zinc. The intention was to share his knowledge with his fellow co-workers and those in the industry. This was accomplished through training sessions devoted to each commodity group such as aluminum, copper, and brass to mention a few. He also co-wrote a manual on catalytic converter recycling that helped shed light on a commodity that was surrounded by smoke & mirrors.

A career in the scrap business wasn’t enough, so Brad went on to become the BC Chapter President of CARI and the Secretary of the Pacific Northwest chapter of ISRI. During his time in these roles he became friends with many others just as passionate about recycling. This led to career opportunities with the two market leaders in the scrap business in Sims Metal Management & Schnitzer Steel Industries. With a career devoted to learning & hard work, Brad parlayed this knowledge into Detroit Scrap.

Education remains at the core of the business through educating clients on how to maximize revenue for each commodity.

Why Us?
We pride ourselves on customer service & fast payment. Call, text, email, we’ll respond immediately. Send us an invoice, we’ll pay it instantly!

With over 40 years of industry experience, we’ve built our reputation on friendliness, problem solving, and reliability. We’re confident we can find a market for any scrap commodity. The weirder the better!

We have one simple rule that we live by.

“We only work with good people”